When we visit a doctor, mostly one particular behavior is observed in the patient and that is nodding on the doctor’s advice, or telling them limited information, that they are unable to understand what the problem is or too much information, that the doctor is distracted or sidetracked from the problem at hand.

Individuals are usually unaware of the details that he/she should know on tips like, they don’t know if there is any disease that is running in the family and they need to take some precautionary measures for it, or another problem that I have noticed is not remembering the medication that they are using for a certain illness or ailment and another problem is not knowing and on top of that not carrying the previous test reports to the clinics or hospitals when going for checkups.

The quality of a ‘Smart Patient’ is that he/she knows the details of their illness or ailment and has kept a thorough record of all the tests reports, they are aware with their families’ medical history and always are aware of their medication and carries it to the doctor.

Now you don’t need to worry, you too can become a ‘Smart Patient’, you have to make a small time investment and you can organize and save your life.

First of all, make a health diary (Download) in which you write all the details regarding your previous medical history and your present medical health in which you also mention all the medications, vitamins or whatever you have been taking or any other information that the doctor needs to know.

Another thing that you can do is collect information from your family and relatives about their medical history which would help you in identifying the family problems and take precautionary measures. When collecting information on family medical history two factors are very important that you have to keep in your mind: if there is a serious illness and death before 65 years of age and if the disease is potentially fatal. These two factors if present then discuss it with your doctor.  

Get your files organize, I know it is a hassle but trust me it is a onetime thing later your life will be at peace.