How do you choose your doctor? 

Some friend, relative or a neighbor might have suggested or advised you a particular doctor that they thought was good and from then on you have the same doctor. But after some time someone else advised you a better doctor and you shifted to that doctor and so on.

After completing your medical file the second most important thing that a ‘Smart Patient’ needs to do is choosing the right doctor. First of all we should know who is a right doctor according to the problem because with advanced development there are a variety of specialists who have expertise in a particular problem.

Well I don’t say that asking a friend, relative or neighbor is not a good idea, it is for a start. Another way of finding the right doctor is by asking some nurse or pharmacist they can guide you in the right direction. Yet another reliable source now a day with the advancement of technology is a click away such as internet which can be used as a great source of finding the right doctors.   

You may be thinking why to make such a fuse in selecting a doctor? The reason is that you are looking for someone with whom you are comfortable with and he/she has an insight about your medical history. This would ultimately result in you not skipping your appointments or visits. Another benefit you can take is that the doctor could referral your case forward to some other doctor/specialist for a particular illness or problem.    

Well, once you have selected your doctor that is when the real work starts. You have to make sure that he/she is the right doctor make an inquiry call at their office and if satisfied schedule a visit (make sure you take your file along with you). Make a list of questions you want to be answered in that appointment.

A ‘Smart Patient’ if wants to discuss about some specific problem he/she would utilize this time and give specific details about his/her problem. If a test is required ask questions before agreeing to have one.

Try to make your first visit a happy one, without needles or so.