By: Haroon Christy Munir

crucial conversation cover

The word Crucial Conversation itself hears to be heavily loaded and brings in mind the image of top notch highly influential people discussing the future of the world. But in fact these heavily loaded words belong to each and every one of us and have a very important significance in our lives. Crucial conversations are actually those conversations that take place on daily basis and have a greater impact on our lives.

Crucial conversations are all about hard-hitting issues. It’s a human nature to avoid conversations that are thought to result in either hurting someone or in simple words that make things worse. Crucial conversation takes place when stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions run strong. In our usual life whenever we are in middle of crucial conversation there are three possible solutions from which we choose the one that suits us. The commonly adopted one is to avoid that conversation, Second choice is to face the matter that results in poor consequences while the third one is to face the matter which results favorable.


Crucial conversations helps in spotting those conversations that are keeping you away from what you desire for and thus breaks silence. Violence is highly not advisable during crucial conversations. Always share your feelings, opinions, ideas and facts honestly and openly. It is very important to be clear about how you are going to manage your stress when in crucial conversation. Listen carefully and be clear about what results are you looking for, maintain a proper dialogue. It is always important to understand the motives than can twist the conversation crucial. Always tell your story, so that a proper link generates between your story and your behaviour. Important point to be noted at this stage is that the stories should be free of any criminal, victim and helpless tags. Speak believably while putting your point of view in front of the other person. Always give a proper margin to help other communicate his mind to you.

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