attacked by hypoglycemia. Are people around him properly equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to handle him when attacked by hypoglycemia or do they know what measures they should take during this time or Do they know the nearest available diabetologist in case of emergencies or do they have any contact number of their diabetologist who could possibly help them guide during this upsetting situation? 

Possible obstacles should be well defined and thus the social circle should have proper information, knowledge, skills and resources to handle the critical situation. In short the loved ones of a diabetic patient should be able to handle the situation amicably.

Source 5- Whenever in a phase to adopt new behaviour, a very important point not to be missed here is to reward your own self every time a job is done well and other way round penalize yourself for not behaving appropriately. This way you will indulge yourself to acquire reward by repeating the same behaviour again and again which after a while will become your habit. A habit for a life time. As a reward you can serve yourself with your favorite fruit and vice versa for not behaving appropriately.

Source 6- Finally when it comes to structural ability, the most important question is whether there are enough cues and reminders to help remain focused. To answer this question, the best idea would be to make appropriate changes in your environment. For example if your office is close to cafeteria  get it shift to somewhere far away or if as a general practice you have a chocolate bowl in your office for your clients get it replaced by a sugar free candies. In home for a diabetic patient the most tempting place is refrigerator which is often filled with loads of favorite unhealthy food which could possibly be replaced by healthy ones like salads, fruits and white meat (fish and chicken). In short the structural ability asks for possibly convert the unhealthy practices in your environment into a healthy one. 

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