Diabetic Institute of Pakistan (DIP) teaches patients how to diagnose the causes behind any diabetic problem, how to effectively motivate oneself and enable others, identify high-leverage behaviors, that if change will lead to desired results with the help of vital behaviours. Building an effective influence strategy can have a number of positive consequences including successful eating patterns, HBA1C between 5.5 and 6, and weight management. 

But have you made substantial effort in diabetes management only to yield little to know change in patient’s behavior? Are you or your loved one stuck when it comes to solving eating habit or reaching a higher level at managing glucose level? Are there gaps you don’t know how to close? Research shows that an individual’s failure to improve glucose level is likely due to a lack of skill power rather than a lack of will power.

Diabetes Institute of Pakistan (DIP) helps equip patients with the how-to skill of behavior change. These new skills effects patient’s satisfaction, productivity and results our team of diabetologists trying to deliver. A proven science for change is applied across Diabetic Institute of Pakistan (DIP). This methodology exposes the personal, social and environmental sources of influence working against patient’s change efforts and then provides the specific tactics for tackling them.

Change anything teaches a great breakthrough methodology for successfully solving any individual behavior challenge at managing diabetes. Patients equipped with skills are more engaged and good at managing the disease and 10 times more likely to solve hindrances that comes the way while managing diabetes. Change anything teaches diabetic patients, how to diagnosis what’s keeping them stuck in the status quo, create change plans that leads to lasting results, translate doctor’s feedback into action, use 6 sources of influence to make  change inevitable. When diabetic patients attain the skill to design an effective individual change strategy it can have a number of positive consequences including a more engaged walk and exercise routine, eating patterns, and better glucose level. Change Anything skills is applied to patient’s behavior challenges that cripples him at managing his diabetes. Many patients across the country have used these skills to help improve managing their diabetes.

Diabetic Institute of Pakistan (DIP) has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients over the last 20 years around the country and we look forward to continue our mission of providing the best diabetes management skills to our valued patients that will lead to healthier and happier life in future.


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