Diabetic’s Institute Pakistan (DIP) is the leading organization for Diabetes Management, Treatment, Education and Counseling in Pakistan. Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Project Director of DIP, laid its foundation in June 1996. We have a prolific team of highly qualified and experienced Diabetologists, Diabetes Educators, Psychologists, Counselors and support staff. Today, DIP continues to provide world-class diabetes care and education that meet the needs of patients and their families. We publish educational materials on every aspect of diabetes care in Urdu and English. Full Text About Us...

Diabetes Counseling Session

Diabetes Counseling Session

These videos are all about how you can manage your food mindfully in line with diabetes. After watching these videos you will well equiped with the techiques of changing your daily food into diabatic meal with same zest.

Model Diabetic Mr Sohail's Interview

Mr.Sohail was suffering from diabetes for last seven years .In 2008 he had lost his vision due to uncontrolled diabetes.

Unhealthy Relationships: Ayesha Tabassum

Unhealthy Relationships often leaves us unhealthy feeling uncomfortable, sad and afraid.

I Keep Losing and Gaining weight; What should I do?

Year 2012 ended on a hopeless note. It’s not because of any financial or family crisis. It’s because of an issue
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