Frequently Asked Questions

How should I choose the best glucometer for myself?

There are lot of models available. You should ask your diabetes educator for assistance. It is better if you choose a glucometer that is:
  1. Accurate
  2. Takes less time to display rsults
  3. Strip is easily available and easy to handle.
  4. Large display screen
  5. Long battery life and warranty.

Should I tell my co-workers that I have diabetes?

It is very important that your friends and co-workers know about your disease so they can detect symptoms of hypoglycemia and help you when needed. They should also know your special dietary needs and they can cover you on sick days.

Does my anti-depressant medicine interfere with blood sugar control?

No, anti-depressant medicines do not directly interfere with diabetes medicines or insulin. On the other hand if you are depressed, your blood sugar level will go up due to certain hormonal mechanisms. You will not eat properly or exercise routinely if you are depressed. Diabetes can cause depression sometime that can be managed by effective counseling and life style changes.

Can diabetic patient get pregnant?

yes! Diabetic women can conceive. They have to maintain very good control of blood glucose during pregnancy. Frequent visits to doctor to monitor baby’s growthare required. Follow proper diet and exercise pattern. Most diabetes medicines are not safe in pregnancy so diabetes is controlled with insulin during pregnancy. Also read article “ pregnancy and diabetes” on

Can diabetic kidney disease worsen during pregnancy?

Diabetes can adversely affect the kidneys, more proteins will be excreted in urine. Kidney disease will reverse after delivery of the baby. There is risk of still birth, premature delivery and small size of baby if mother has diabetic kidney disease. You have to strictly monitor blood glucose and blood pressure during pregnancy to prevent serious complications.

Will steroids for asthma affects my blood glucose level?

Prednisolone or other steroids are sometimes used temporarily to control asthma or other respiratory problems. They tend to raise blood glucose by acting on the same principle as the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ by mobilizing more glucose from stores in the body. To deal with this situation your doctor will increase the dose of diabetes medicines or insulin for the time you are taking steroids. The blood glucose level will come back to normal 1-2 days after stopping steroids.

How is blood sugar affected during any illness?

During any illness like fever, common cold, flu etc blood glucose level will increase despite the fact that you are eating less during illness. This is because stress hormones like cortisol are released during illness that tends to raise blood glucose level. So do not stop taking diabetes medicine or insulin during sick days, in fact you should check blood glucose and urine ketones every 4 hours when you are sick. If blood glucose is high you need to increase dose of insulin.

Why is my HbA1c high when my fasting blood glucose is normal?

HbA1c gives you an average record of blood glucose over a period of 3 months. Whereas fasting blood glucose is the level at that point in time when you check blood glucose. Even when your fasting glucose is normal, there may be other times when your blood glucose is high for example 2 hours after a meal or during the night. You can check several times during the day or night to find out when your blood glucose is higher than normal and then work with your doctor to adjust meals or medicine dose to maintain proper steady control.

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