Frequently Asked Questions

What should I eat when Iím sick?

You should keep taking your diabetes medicines when you are sick with fever, flu or stomach problem. During illness stress hormones will raise blood glucose level so do not stop diabetes medicines. You need calories and energy so take easy to eat snacks or meals on short intervals. Examples include soups, fruit juice, yoghurt, fruit, half cup ice cream, pudding, rice. Avoid dehydration by taking plenty of water, juice and soup.

Why should I take low dose aspirin daily?

Low dose aspirin (72-100 mg) is prescribed as a prevention against heart attack. Diabetic patients are at increased risk of heart disease or stroke. Aspirin makes the blood thin and prevents clot formation.

Should I stop exercise after laser therapy of my eyes?

You should stop exercise for 1 month after your laser therapy for retinopathy. As the blood vessels are fragile and too much pressure can cause rupture or bleeding. Brisk walk will do no harm. But try to avoid sports like weight lifting, under water diving or tennis that puts strain on the eyes.

My wife has become Ďdiabetic policeí. She is telling me all the time what to do and what not to do. It gets irritating for me, how can I stop her?

Keep in mind that family members or spouses try to control what you eat and exercise only because they love you and donít want you to get hurt by developing diabetes complications. Obviously their policing irritates you and when you donít act upon their advice it frustrates them. A better option is to sit together and discuss what they want from you and kind of help you would appreciate to help you manage your diabetes in a friendly and stress free home environment.

Does diabetes cause problems in sexual life?

Yes, long standing or uncontrolled diabetes can cause problems in some patients like erection problems in males and pain due to vaginal dryness or reduced orgasm in females. You can discuss these problems with your diabetes doctor. They can be managed with effective control of blood glucose, stress management and certain medicines. Women can use estrogen creams or lubricants while men are prescribed drugs that increase blood flow to maintain erection.

My doctor has advised me to take insulin, but I have seen many people taking insulin have developed diabetes complications after it. Why should I take insulin?

It is a miss-conception that patients develop complications of diabetes after they start insulin. In fact they start insulin once they have developed some complication. Complications develop due to uncontrolled blood glucose for 5-10 years. The best way to prevent complications is to maintain tight control of blood glucose, which can be done with insulin. So it is better to start insulin earlier to prevent development of any complication.

At what temperature should I keep my insulin?

Once an insulin container is opened, use it within one month. Avoid freezing and avoid exposure to very high temperature because frozen or over heated insulin becomes ineffective. It is better to keep it in fridge in summers and at room temperature in winters. When travelling, keep insulin in a cooler so that it doesnít get too hot in the car. When travelling by air or long distance, keep insulin in your hand bag, do not book in your luggage as it may get misplaced or you may need it before you reach the destination. In the luggage compartment, insulin may be exposed to extreme heat or cold.

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