If you are not used to do exercise, only planning the exercise is halft the job done.  Here in DIP  we help out  and motivate the agency to move and live healthy. Once you start to move then it is very easy to contue that habbit. 

There are 4 ways by which you can improve your agency to move and do exercise. 

1: Setting exercise target  and tactics. 

It your are ready ato mvoe, and planning.  to move. It is where u set the targets. 

  • Remember go slow and slow
  • Not make big targets.
  • How frequent exercise you will do.
  • Goals should be practical. Be flexible.
  • To start with 5 days a week and 5-10 minute walk.  Not plan to do exercise for long in starting. The results will be daunting.
  • Writing your goals will help a lot. You might throw it after one month.
  • Reassess after one month.
  • Think positively.
  • Plan to do progress in future. Like I will do 10 min exercise after 2 weeks.
  • Give yourself reward on succesfull exercise, like buying new shoes or shirt or going outsisde with your spouse. Reward improve  your agency.

2: Stay energetic.  

Believe me it is very easy to start exercise. But to continue this very challenging.  Here I will discus how to continue the habbit to  do exercise.  

Write your activity daily: It will feel you better at the end of the day. 

Read : About the benefits of exercise. It will keep you stimulated. 

Make inventory:  Let me understand you what is inventory, it means calculate what you lose or gain in the day, by making a inventory it will stimulate you do move and energetic. 

Making solutions: If you are stuck try to figure out the solution, believe me mostly you yourself find the solution. 

If your are Bored:  If you are boared of doing exercise. 

  • Change to place of exercise
  • Make new friends who are in the habit of exercise. 
  • Try to look young. 
  • Involve in the activity you enjoy like going to visit your favorite place, watching your favorite movie. 
  • Doing acts of kindness.

Make a exercise partner

Friend who love to exercise is real motivator , it will helps you in moving and energetic. 

Making exercise more enjoyable: 

Engage in a activity which make the exercise more enjoyable.

  • Aerobic exercises like walking and swimming , weight lifting 
  • Making an arrangements when weather is not suitable. 

3: Optimistic self converstiaon:  

Self talk is very motivational try it, it works.It effects your mood and also influence your profession. 

Ask your self. 

  • Did not walk last week.
  • Think positively say to yourself.
  • I went for grocery on foot. 
  • I exercise for 5 min 7 days back.

Obviously something is better than nothing. If you are not able to exercise example weather is not good, high crime rate during night. Think optimicly that it doesn’t matter I can do exercise in the home in tread meal of walk on the roof. 

4: Defeat the obstacles of exercise. 

Barrier means any thing which stops you doing any thin. 

You don’t have time.  

  • Try to find out the leisure slot in a day. 
  • Locate it and give 10 minutes. If even 10 min or not possible in continuation give 5+5 minutes in two occasion. 
  • If still not possible then do exercise while watching TV. Park your car at a distance , use stairs rather elevators. 

If you arer tired of your work. 

One proven fact is increasing your physical activity means improving your energy. 

If you don’t have track suit for exercise. 

Wear any think which is available, weather its “shilwar qameez”, jeans, even shilwar with T-shirt. 

If you have anxiety of doing exercise in front of others. 

By just observing the people , you can decrease your anxity, or you can walk at home. 

If your are afraid of hypoglycemia. 

Type one diabetics are more prone to hypoglycemia. Always keep sweets with you if you have warning signs, like palpation, hunger, too much sweating , not wait  to check the glucometer take the sweets. 

If you have joint pain

Swimming,  biking , walking in the swimming pools with the support or exercising on the chair are good alternative. Lot of gadgets are available in the sports shop. These gadgets are designed for hand and arm exercise. We   Would recommend go and search and find the gadget which suits you for your exercise while sitting on the chair. 

Its too hot out side. 

In extremes of weather, use biking tread meal , dancing climbing. Even stair climbing multiple times would help. 

Very high criminal rate in the park: 

I met lot of people who were robbed in the morning, mostly people exercise after Fajar prayer. 

Then use indoor activity even you can join fitness center or Jim.  

Are you Board: 

  • If you think exercise is boring.  We would recommend you try to make exercise more enjoyable.
  • Change the place of exercise more attractive more beautiful. 
  • Use music, ipods, 
  • Listen to quran. 
  • Get some patner “who is active and want to exercise”.