Its true that knowledge about the nutrition is very high as ever before, its has definetly changed our dietry habbits from unhealthy to healthy patterns, if some one really want to . some thing we want to emphasize is 

More Vegetable: 

  • Eat fresh vegetables. 
  • Try to find different colors it arouse your apatite. 
  • Eat non starchy vegetables.
  • Try to buy fresh vegetables rather canned or stored vegetables which contain high sodium content which is harmful to your hypertension. 

More fruits: 

  • Try to find in different colours, 
  • Try fresh fruits rather canned fruits. 
  • Try to eat complete fruit rather its juice. Like try to eat carrot rather carrot juice. 
  • Fresh fruits are better than dried   fruits

Wheats and flours: 

  • Eat brown rice 
  • Eat whole wheat bread
  • Use whole wheat 
  • Use whole grain
  • Use whole rye.

Use of Processed meat: 

  • First of all skin of the chicken should be removed because its bad for your diabetes. 
  • In prcessed meat like hot dogs. Eat the meat whose fat is less than 3g/ounce, most of the processed meat of famous brands has written the amount  of fat in the meat. 

Fish and sea food lovers: 

  • Eat sea food 2-3 times/week. 

Milk and dairy products. : 

  • Use skim milk. 
  • Use low fat yogurt. 
  • Use low fat cheese
  • Excessive use of fat and cheese shuld be avoided. 
  • Healthy fats comprises of vegetable oil , olive oil , trans free margarine. Avoid animal oil. 

Reduce high calorie foods:

Kill down chips, burgers, Halwa puri, kachuri, samosa and jalabi, full fat ice cream

Too much healthy food: 

Remember “ excess of healthy food becomes unhealthy”