Here are few tips to avoid injury. 

  • Cosult your health care providor
  • Warm up 5 minutes before starting exercise and 5 min post exercise. 
  • Avoid extreme of temprature. 
  • Avoid dehydration, dring plenty of fluid. 
  • Carry sweets to avoid hypoglycemic attaks.
  • Wear some medical bracelt where writing is ( I am diabetic and if some one find me unconsious put sugar in my pocket in my mouth, thanks. 
  • Do healthy exercise.
  • Wear shoes to avoid injury to feet especially in peripharal neuropathy. 
  • Avoid too tight shoes and  socks, use well fitted shoes and socks. 
  • Take care of your foot as you care your face. Keep it clean as possible. In my observation patints whose feet are dirty more get leg ulcer and periphral neuropathy. 
  • Sweap inside your shoes so avoid any sharp nail or other objects inside ,in periphral neuropathy  patient not get an idea about sharp objects. 
  • Consult your doctor if there is chest pain, disproportionate shortness of breath. Black out sever headche, palpitiaon. 
  • I think these simple easy tips help you in doing and keeping your exercise.