1-  Diet Chart

Best Diet Chart

Breakfast (8.00)

       1.     Bran bread two slices with 2 egg whites or chicken cutlass with 1 cup of tea.

        2.     ½ cup wheat cereal, small cup milk, apple, and a cup of tea.

        3.     Small chapatti with gravy along with small cup of tea.

Snacks (11.00)

   Any one fruit (medium size apple, guava, orange, melon, grape fruit or strawberry)

Lunch (2.00)

   1 chapatti along with chicken/dal sabzi 4-3 days. Grains/pulses 2 days, salad 1 plate, yogurt ½ cup

Dinner (8.00)

   1 chapatti along with chicken dal sabzi, 1 plate boiled rice 2-3 days in a week.

Snack (Before sleep)

   1 glass of milk without cream and sugar.


2-  Blood Sugar Monitoring


Blood Sugar Monitoring Sheet


3-  Calorie Chart

Calorie Chart