How to control a diabetic’s diet without being too harsh?

How to control a diabetic’s diet without being too harsh?

Dear doctor,

My husband is diabetic and he is very fond of eating, he is overweight. I try to restrict his diet but he gets angry. He sneaks snacks from the fridge at night and when I catch him doing so he says that I’m becoming a policewoman. When I restrict food at home , he goes out to eat burgers and other junk food. My mother in law also thinks that I am a bad wife because I don’t satisfy my husband’s food demands. Actually I love my husband and don’t want to see him get into complications due to diabetes, but my husband and in-laws don’t realize my concern, they blame me for being too strict. Please help me how to handle the situation.

Diabetes Policewoman.


Dear Diabetes Policewoman,

How to control a diabetic’s diet
How to control a diabetic’s diet

This is a very common problem in the diabetic households. Where the family members are running after the diabetic patient to catch him red handed while sneaking forbidden foods. This becomes very irritating for the patient. Although we fully understand that family members are doing this out of love and concern for the patient’s health. But the method they adopt is very annoying for the patient. He thinks that he is a criminal. He becomes rebellious and becomes even more indulged in this crime of overeating.

Diabetic patients don’t want policing….they need your love and care but there are other better ways to show your love. First of all you should sit and talk politely but in an assertive manner to make them realize what is good and bad for them. You can visit his doctor with him , you can even take your mother in law along, so that they can listen to what the doctor has to say about his diet. At home, try to make changes slowly, cut down on his calories gradually. Try out new diabetes friendly recipes, transform his favourite dishes into diabetes friendly food by cutting down carbs and fat content. Make the food attractive by adding colours…like a healthy salad with chicken, olives and apple mixed with seasonal vegetables, sprinkled with lemon juice, olive oil and black pepper. While eating out select barbecue or grilled food instead of oily gravy. Remove the harmful food from your fridge, like cokes and chocolates, if they are not good for him , they are not good for anyone in the family. Stuff your fridge with fresh fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, lemonade etc so that when he opens the fridge he finds the right stuff only.Give him importance in making food choices. The whole family should eat same balanced healthy food with him so that he doesn’t feel being singled out.

Plan healthy out door activities with the family like going to the park for a walk, going to a movie together, join him in playing his favourite sport. Children can be a good source of motivation, spend more time with them to release mental stress.With your actions try to show him that you are on his side rather than giving a signal that you are against him.

I hope these tips will help you in improving your relationship with your husband and control his diabetes at the same time.

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