Make possible to eat every type of food in stipulated quantity. So you can enjoy the life and no desperation in our life.

  • First decide  which food you like, and then decide which proportion of that food do you need.
  • Most of diabetic are unaware of food which is allowed to eat.
  • You have to curtail the unhealthy food like fats and carbohydrates  and raise the healthy food like fruits and vegetables.

3 easy steps to plan your one serving. 

This is easy and effective for  most diabetics in DIP  are advised to follow this patteren.

  • Make 3 portion of your plate.
  • One fill one part with vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, tomatos, turnip, vegetables, cucumber. two: one part with starych food like bread ( use whole wheat), or rice or chips or potatos. Three: third portion for the protein like one piece of chicken or beef cooked in health friendly oil mentions above.
  • Small glass of low fat milk.

This is very easy way of controlling your diet , your stomach will be filled and you will be healthy.

Few recommendation for the plate. 

  • Over the years the hotels are making the bigger size plates. Try to buy middle size plat.
  • The depth of the plate not be too shallow. .
  • Use small size spoon  and fork, rather big size spoon and fork.
  • While eating avoid television. Concentration should be on the food so you would be able to fully enjoy the food.

If you follow our recommendation believe me you food me more enjoyable and healthier. At the end you will be more active.

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