7 things for better care in diabetes:

1.    Involve family and friends in your treatment

Take a family member with you on your appointments so they can also note down the doctor’s instructions regarding diet and exercise. They can remind you to take medicine on time. Do not hide your illness from your friends otherwise they can force you to overeat and you may be tempted. Family and friends can help you in organizing your diabetes.

2.   Take care of your emotions in diabetes

Keep checking and improving your views and emotions regarding diabetes. Certain myths that diabetes is a temporary illness or believing that it can be completely cured will lead to disastrous consequences. Get rid of negative thoughts like grief, anger, shame due to diabetes, that cause unnecessary mental stress.

3.    Discuss your concerns with your doctor

Select a doctor whom you can trust and discuss your concerns about the disease openly with him. Neither you should have any hesitation in asking questions from your doctor, nor should the doctor have any objection in answering your queries. It is better if you get attached to one doctor from the beginning who knows all about your disease history and progress, it will save you from a lot of hassle.

4.    Keep the numbers on your side

Keep your HbA1c 5.5%, for that you have to maintain fasting blood glucose up to 100 mg/dl and post-meal blood glucose 130mg/dl. Keep kidney tests and cholesterol level within normal range. Restrict daily calorie intake to maintain ideal body weight. Inject proper units of insulin as prescribed by the doctor. Keep record of your exercise, work and rest time.

5.    Follow your doctor’s advice regarding medicines

Listen to your doctor regarding medication doses, you can ask as many questions regarding medicines but your doctor’s decision will be considered final. If the doctor advises insulin, you can discuss your concerns about it but don’t create fuss. Have faith in your doctor’s wisdom as he will only prescribe what is best for you. Don’t forget to take your medicines regularly.

6.    Get help from information technology

Cell phone and computers have made it possible to keep in touch with your doctor at all times. Computerized medical records have many advantages, previous prescriptions, lab reports and drug allergies or side effects can be reviewed. In the absence of your primary doctor, any other doctor can view your previous record and prescribe new medicines for you. Website can bridge the gap between doctor and patient.

7.    Strengthen your agency as well as willpower

Take responsibility of your own treatment. The ability to fulfill your commitment is called agency. Your agency should be strong enough that you achieve the targets/goals you set for your diabetes control. Agency is strengthened by willpower, skills, family and friends support, guidance by a role model, journaling, use of instruments and environment in your favour. Too much treatment doesn’t mean you are getting the best treatment. You should fine tune your treatment and keep it to the point.

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