Diabetic’s Institute Pakistan (DIP), is the leading organization for Diabetes Management, Treatment, Education and Counseling in Pakistan. Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Project Director of DIP , laid its foundation in June 1995 and is accompanied by a prolific team. The Institute was found on the belief that the key to success of diabetes treatment is patient-empowerment by means of diabetes education and life style change. Our slogan is "Care until Cure". It is part of a focused effort that provides comprehensive care to diabetic patients while working through concentrated research initiatives, towards the cure. Full Text...

Diabetes Counseling Session

Diabetes Counseling Session

These videos are all about how you can manage your food mindfully in line with diabetes. After watching these videos you will well equiped with the techiques of changing your daily food into diabatic meal with same zest.

Model Diabetic Farooq Umar's Interview

Mr.Farooq Umar was suffering from diabetes.

Management of Codependency By Asma Qureshi

It is basically getting detached from the pain of being involved in all matters of the sufferer...

Weight Loss Plateau Demotivated me; What Should I do?

I am 25 year old and is fifty pounds overweight. I have
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