Here Story Begins

I was at the age of 20 when doctor diagnosed me diabetes. Obviously it was shocking news for me. I became mentally offended. Initially I refused to take medication. Then my family took me into Diabetic institute of Pakistan. Where the doctor checked me with special care. DIP has played an important role in my treatment.

Medicine is important component of any treatment but mental strength is very much significant. Medicines can’t work properly if you are upset psychologically.

There are some important steps for the cure of diabetes that I adopted:

  • Exercise plays a vital role in the reduction of sugar levels. It helps in burning calories, decreasing cholesterol levels, and decline in weight. In short, it helps in controlling sugar levels.
  • If exercise seems tough to anyone, walking is the best tool for them. It is quite trouble-free; every patient can easily do it. It also performs the same functions just like exercise but slowly.
  • Diet has great importance in our lives. Health depends upon diet. Patients should use vegetables, fruits excluding the sweetest fruits e.g. banana, grapes, mangoes, dates, etc, and avoid oily and heavy foods. Especially rice creates different complications against sugar level cure.
  • Mental relaxation is itself a medicine. A stressed person can’t be recovered easily. Try to calm yourself, don’t put the disease on your mind, just feel that, “I am not a patient, I am a normal person.” This feeling will make you energetic.
  • Try to engage yourself in mental as well as physical activities. Both of the activities help in fighting against diabetes.
  • Being a Muslim, it’s my faith that Allah is the greatest. He can make impossible to possible. So, we should pray to Allah for cure. On the other hand, ibadat gives satisfaction to mind and soul.
Now I am 23 years old, physically and psychologically fit as normal people. I am a student of masters, always participate in extracurricular activities and leading a healthy & successful life. The dose of my medicine is too minor. When I first came to diabetic institute, my HbA1c was 11 and I was taking more than 100 units of insulin daily still my blood glucose was not controlled. By adopting the above-mentioned changes in lifestyle, I have brought down HbA1c to 6.5, and now I’m taking only 10 units of insulin daily. Every diabetic patient can spend a winning & healthy life; just modify your eating habits and add a walk to your lifestyle. The most important thing is having tension free mind. Try to control stress, because a healthy mind leads to a healthy life.

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