Life In Diabetes

Blood Glucose Control

Measuring blood glucose level is an essential part of diabetes management. It will tell you the effectiveness of your diet and medicines. It will also guide you to readjust your insulin dose.

Role of Medication

When diet and exercise alone is not sufficient to control blood glucose level, then doctors advise the use of medication depending on.

Diabetes Complication

Diabetes mellitus can cause complications in almost all the systems of the body if it is poorly controlled. Our main aim is to keep blood glucose and HbA1c at levels equal to that of.

Employment/Public Discrimination

We do come across some cases where the employer give discriminative response to employee regarding hiring, dismissal, punishment, salary,, d, here we will tell what are the legal rights of a diabetic professional.

Women Health

Diabetes is especially difficult for females, especially getting married, during pregnancy, limited outdoor activities, less budget allocated for females by the family head. There is a high rate of abortion, big babies...


Living with diabetes gets tougher as age advances, in the young lot of symptoms people do bear but the same symptoms are hard to tolerate in old age. These symptoms become more challenging. But lifestyle change and proper counseling...