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We are serving since 1975 in the field of addiction, diabetes and believe in providing rehab services across Pakistan. Diabetic Institute of Pakistan is providing all the facilities to their patients. It is located at Jail Road, Lahore. We offer a diabetologist, Endocrinologist, Gynecologist, General Physician, Cardiologist, and dietitian. They also provide the facility of Laboratory and Pharmacy. We provide the services and fulfill the demands of people. We have qualified and experienced staff. We have well-reputed doctors who are experienced and well-qualified in their fields. Qualified consultants from all specialties and sub-specialties are available at the Diabetic Institute of Pakistan.

Diabetic Institute of Pakistan provides quality health and wellness for the community. It serves humanity and gives the highest value to all concerned.  

We believe to Transform your Diabetes into your strength. We use willpower for personal betterment when we follow a diet, get work done, and exercise regularly. Willpower involves thinking of a situation as part of a pattern. Eating a piece of cake or taking sweets once will not make us fat. But to stay healthy, a person would have to treat every occurrence of these events as part of a bigger pattern which will be harmful in the long term. This is why conscious self-control is important, and that’s how it determines success and failure. Self-control lets us relax by removing stress and enabling us to save willpower for the im­portant challenges. 

Diabetics Institute of Pakistan (DIP) is well-equipped with advanced medical instruments. The consultants and specialists of the hospital are experienced and well-reputed in their field. The staff of the Diabetics Institute of Pakistan (DIP) is fully trained, skilled and are committed to providing the best healthcare services. The Diabetics Institute of Pakistan (DIP) aims to make healthcare services accessible and affordable using the latest technology for all the patients without compromising the quality of the treatment.

The guidance by a mentor or a guru can be very helpful in achieving your goals. In diabetes you can get help from your doctor or diabetes educator, better still you can befriend a diabetic patient who has successfully controlled his diabetes and can help you achieve your goal by using the same techniques as they did.

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