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Evaluate your standard of living: 

Give some time to look at and Evaluate your current standard of living. This will assist you in recognizing your current health practices. Most of the time you will figure out why you are overweight. Then you plan to change your standard of living.

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Your present health:

Once you get to know where is the problem will give you stimulus, it is easy to change to the standard of living.

  • Think this obesity is a risk factor to get diabetes
  • And if you are diabetic it will increase your chances of getting cardiovascular disease.
  • Find out where is the deficiency and improve it.
  • Once you get into a healthy standard of living, you must have the commitment to continue this in the future.
  • It will pave your path of the healthy will being in the future.

Get your risk assessment:

Consult your health provider and get your health assessment.  Your risk improved when you chose to quit smoking and decide to lose weight. Here at the diabetic institute of Pakistan our diabetologists and psychologists calculate your risk assessment and help out in quitting smoking and weight loss.

Consult your health provider and get your health assessment.  Your risk  improved when you chose to quit smoking and decide to lose weight. Here in diabetic institute of Pakistan our diabitologist and psychologists  calculate your risk assessment and help out in quitting the smoking and weight loss.

 Every patient is special and Our routine is

  • When patient comes to our center, his or her weight and height is calculated and  his or her  BMI is calculated,
  • After Complete assessment his risk calculation is given
  • Every patient is encouraged to attend our every Saturday session where group of professional diabetologist and psychologist help them out to change their life style
  • By the end of eight session more than 90% people have started to change there life in a healthy way. Mosty quit smoking and start doing exercise.
  • Our professionals remove inferiority thinking and stigma of diabetes attached with them.

Assess your surroundings:

Your surrounding definitely affects your weight and smoking habit. It is a proven fact that if a diabetic has good sugar control his or her contemporary has improved their glycemic control. Our surrounding weather in-home or job, our surrounding is packed with unhealthy atmosphere. Even our holidays most of the time are unhealthy. Most of the TV commercials are focusing unhealthy food patterns.

Here in this section, I will discuss how to convert an unhealthy environment into a healthy environment.

Food inventory: Does your home environment and neighborhood support your healthy environment or not. Like, don’t buy a lot of eatables at once and store them in the fridge. It will push you to unhealthy eating. Don’t buy unnecessary food like sweets candies.

The environment of the neighborhood: Like the crime rate in, green belts, the educational status of your neighborhood definitely affects your healthy activity.

For More Guidance Watch our DIP Videos.

How to make kitchen record:

  • Through the expired food.
  • Milk storage, not more than 5-6 days
  • Fish storage 2-3 days, poultry 3-4 days.
  • Butter one week. Eggs 2-3 weeks.

Stages of changing habits:

  • Change seems to be good but it is very difficult to do and I would rather do something else.
  • I should think of change but I don’t think it’s the right time to do it.
  • I should make the change but by next month I will definitely do it.
  • I have started the plan but I should not have to start it.
  • I have made a new routine and I should be stuck to it.

Changing habits is hard to do if it is healthy and consistent make it more part of your habit and try to enjoy it.