tahseen nasirTehseen Nasir  is working as a Psychologist and a diabetes educator  at  Diabetics institute pakistan .She is also serving as the editor of the Facebook page of Diabetics Institute Pakistan by the name of Diabetes Pakistan. . She is running the dip website as well.As a diabetes educator she has complete command on all the pillars of diabetes including diet management,walk,stress management and medication.Here she guides the patients about lifestyle modification techniques to cope better with thier diabetes. She enlightenes the patients about the disease and provides them with necessary information regarding the disease. She has organized several seminars for better awareness of diabetes.She has done her graduation in psychology majors from Kinnaird College Lahore. She did her MSc in Applied Psychology with majors in Counselling and therapy from Punjab University Lahore. She has also done advanced psychology course from LUMs.

She is a certified level-3 reiki healer and practices Karuna reiki as well. She is a NLP practitioner and EFT expert. She has done courses in fourth dimension and telepathy as well.She has worked with the Institute of Mind Sciences for a long time and later she practiced in her private set up where she dealt with clients having all kinds of psychological issues and problems. She continuously updates herself with the new researches and developments in the field of psychology and has a passion for counselling and helping others maintain their equilibrium in life. Her hobbies include reading literature and poetry, getting to know stuff about psychology, philosophy and Sufism. She has keen interest in good music and art forms.