When a person comes to know about diabetes, he feel upset and stressed out. It is very important to know how to tackle with this complex situation. Denial The first reaction on finding out that you have diabetes is often ‘denial’ that I can not have diabetes, no body in my family had it, I don’t eat too much sweets, how can I have diabetes? Anger Often there is ‘anger’. Why I was chosen to have diabetes. Why do I have to face it. But it is a good sign that you realize the problem and will definitely do something to solve itGuilt Sometimes patient feels ashamed or guilty of having diabetes. As if you are the one who caused diabetes. But you have to stop blaming yourself, it is not your fault. Positive approach:

  1. Accept reality soon
  2. Learn to laugh
  3. You are not alone, there are millions in the world who have diabetes.
  4. Although diabetes is a bad disease but you can manage it well
  5. The feeling of denial and anger are typical and that mneans you will do something to manage your diabetes

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