At School: Initially parents take care of all the needs of their diabetic children. Then kids gradually learn to do it by themselves. Young children spend 6-8 hours of their day in school, during that time it is the school’s responsibility to take care of their diabetes. Parents are often worried whether their child will be safe in school. It is important to discuss your child’s medical condition with school authorities at the time of admission. Provide them with written information. The class teacher or school nurse/doctor should be trained about injecting insulin, checking blood glucose etc.

  1. Special precaution should be taken at meal times, avoid snacks that are too sweet or high in carbs, extra snacks should be available at all times to be given at times of hypoglycemia
  2. Diabetic kids need to go to toilet frequently, teachers should allow them as needed
  3. There should be proper place allocated for glucose testing and insulin injection if needed. School nurse or teacher should assist the child in doing so
  4. Diabetic children should be allowed to participate in all sports activities. They should take a snack during or after exercise to prevent hypoglycemia
  5. Class teacher and class fellows should be trained to recognize symptoms of hypoglycemia, and how to treat not put any food in an unconscious child’s mouth as it can choke him. School authorities should know when to refer to a hospital.
  6. Diabetic children will need sick leaves more than other children
  7. During exams special attempt is needed to minimize stress for the child, because stress can raise blood sugar. Child should be allowed to use toilet or take snacks even during the exam.

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